Rug store in Blowing Rock

Rug store in Blowing Rock

Rug Store in Blowing Rock: Antique, Vintage, and Modern Rugs - All Hand-Knotted, All Styles, All Sizes, and Never Factory Made

Welcome to Hanna's of Blowing Rock, your haven for exquisite hand-knotted rugs in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the oldest rug shop in Blowing Rock, our legacy is woven into the fabric of this charming town, and our passion for exceptional craftsmanship shines through in every rug we offer.

A World of Rugs at Your Fingertips

Step into our showroom and embark on a journey through time and artistry. Our curated collection boasts a diverse range of hand-knotted rugs, spanning centuries and continents:

  • Antique Persian Rugs: Delve into history with our antique Persian rugs, each a testament to the intricate artistry and rich heritage of the Middle East. These one-of-a-kind pieces bring warmth and character to any space.
  • Vintage Rugs: Explore the unique charm of vintage rugs, sourced from various corners of the globe. Each rug tells a story of its own, with patterns and colors that reflect the aesthetics of its era.
  • Modern Rugs: Discover the contemporary elegance of our modern hand-knotted rugs. These fresh designs seamlessly blend traditional techniques with current trends, offering a touch of sophistication for any home.

A Commitment to Quality and Authenticity

At Hanna's, we believe in the enduring value of hand-knotted rugs. Every rug we offer is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using time-honored techniques passed down through generations. You won't find any factory-made imitations here – only authentic, hand-knotted treasures that will grace your home for years to come.

All Styles, All Sizes, All Yours

Whether you're searching for a vibrant Oushak to enliven your living room, a subtle Kilim to adorn your hallway, or a majestic Tabriz to anchor your dining room, we have a hand-knotted rug to suit your taste and space. Our collection encompasses an array of sizes, from intimate runners to grand area rugs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for every room in your home.

Visit Hanna's of Blowing Rock Today

Experience the magic of hand-knotted rugs firsthand at our Blowing Rock showroom. Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about rugs and eager to help you discover the perfect piece to complement your home's unique style.

Ready to transform your home with the artistry and warmth of a hand-knotted rug? Visit Hanna's of Blowing Rock today and let our experts guide you on a journey through the world of rugs.

Visit our website to view our monthly social collection or antique Persian Rugs.

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